Mentoring and Advocacy for Children and Young People who Regularly go Missing

To keep young people safe from the risks and dangers encountered when they go missing by reducing repeat episodes.

Provide an individually tailored approach that helps address causal factors and encourages the development of alternative safer strategies in response to situations which may previously led to them running away. Develop an awareness of the implications of their actions and the risk factors they are exposed to.

  • Working with young people who have previously been missing on more than 3 occasions within the past three months.
  • Providing an individual outcome focussed approach utilising mentoring, coaching and advocacy. Ensuring causal factors are recognised and addressed.
  • Encouraging the development of an awareness of the risks faced when missing and the implications for both themselves and those around them.
  • Developing alternative responses to situations and ensuring their voice is heard.


  • 33 young people who repeatedly go missing will receive mentoring, advocacy and support.
  • Reduction in number of repeat missing episodes for each young person engaged with the project.
  • Young people feel listened to, valued and no longer feel their choices are limited to running away.
  • Young people report an improvement in their confidence and ability to communicate their problems and issues.


  • Keeping young people safe by reducing the number of multiple episodes of the young person going missing from care/home
  • Factors which are contributing to young people running away are addressed.
  • Young people develop alternative approaches to running away with increased self confidence, self-esteem and motivation to communicate directly when situations become difficult.
  • Ability to recognise risks and dangers involved with running away and stay safe.

Open Door Core Values

Recognise each person is an individual and their situation is unique to them.

LYoung people are listened to and their concerns are heard.

Independent and prepared to challenge injustice.

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